To limit potential COVID-19 spreading within our community, we are serving our students remotely through email and/or Zoom meetings, as necessary. In an effort to communicate the policy about off-campus behaviors related to COVID-19 risk mitigation efforts, we want to remind you that the following circumstances will be adjudicated: “Conduct that threatens the safety or security of the campus community, or substantially disrupts the functions or operation of the University is within the jurisdiction of this Article (Executive Order 1098) regardless of whether it occurs on or off campus.” If you are expected to come to campus at any point and have not followed health guidelines, you will be in violation of the SF State health screening requirements around COVID-19. Even if you are not expected to come to campus, you may be in violation of the State of CA health code requirements and our office may need to investigate further.

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Our Mission

The Office of Student Conduct (OSC) at San Francisco State supports the University’s educational purpose and goals set forth by interpreting and enforcing standards of student behavior, related policies and procedures under the State of California Code of Regulations, Title V, sections 41301-41304 through Executive Order 1098, Student Conduct Procedures. Cases involving alleged violations of University policies or campus rules by students should be referred to this office, which is responsible for ensuring the fair and confidential administration of the Student Conduct Procedures. The OSC strives to facilitate student learning, ethical development in connection with the student disciplinary process, promote academic integrity and responsible conduct through outreach, conduct outcomes, and education. The OSC works to maintain a safe and orderly campus environment.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Be able to articulate why the University community is concerned with their conduct and reflect on any in-congruence between their values and their actions.
  2. Understand, reflect and take ownership of their actions.
  3. Understand that their conduct has consequences.
  4. Learn skills, strategies, and resources that are likely to assist them in avoiding future violations of the Code of Student Conduct.
  5. Renew their commitment to embracing their responsibilities as members of the San Francisco State University community and be less likely to engage in violations of the Code of Student Conduct.
  6. Renew their commitment to their academic careers and participate in school life that reflects positively on themselves and their campus community.

To report behavioral or conduct issues, please click the link below:

To report academic integrity (class grade related) issues, please click the link below:

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