Student Organization/Club Conduct Procedures

Report a Student Organization/Club Complaint 

Procedures for Filing Complaints of Alleged Violation of University Policies & Complaint Disposition

The Conduct Process

If a Student Organization is suspected of a Conduct Violation (CV), students bear the responsibility of reporting that violation using the appropriate Maxient form, which Student Activities and Events (SAE) will then review. If the department determines the violation warrants an investigation, the department will require Informal Review meetings with witnesses and alleged students who are part of the Student Organization in question. SAE will conduct an investigation to determine the facts of the case.

Students, or Organizations as a whole, may consult with anyone, including attorneys, at any stage of the investigation; attorneys are not permitted to participate in any informal meeting or hearing if the matter proceeds to that phase.

Informal Reviews

At the initial meeting, the student witness is advised of their rights and offered an opportunity to share with the student conduct administrator what they observed. The student is encouraged to respond and participate in an open and honest discussion of the incident. All witness meetings as part of the club and organization process are completely confidential.

Notice of Investigation

If SAE determines that there is enough evidence that a club or organization committed a CV, a Notice of Investigation will be sent to the President of the organization and any National HQ staff, if applicable.

The Notice of Investigation will include a date and time for the President, one other club officer, and one advisor to have a hearing with the Student Conduct Administrator, an SAE employee, and discuss the incident(s). This meeting provides an opportunity for the organization to respond to the allegations, provide additional evidence, and work with SAE in determining the next appropriate steps.

The Notice of Investigation letter will outline any restrictions placed on the club or organization, as deemed appropriate based on the nature of the incident. This may include, but is not limited to, restricting social events, meetings, and recruitment.


After conferring with campus partners, in addition to any appropriate staff members from a National HQ, SAE will issue an Outcome Letter to the organization. The Outcome Letter will outline the facts in the investigation, any applicable charges of CV(s), and the sanctions placed upon the organization. Outcome Letters are administrative actions and are not required to be memorialized in writing by the organization President - the Outcome Letter decision is final and may not be appealed. All correspondence between the university and organization will be kept in the organization’s conduct file with SAE. All files and records are kept indefinitely per the record and retention policy outlined in the Conduct process.