Good Neighbor


As part of its commitment to the community, the University strives to ensure that our students recognize that they are members of a wonderful and unique neighborhood in one of the world’s great cities. As community members, it is crucial that we are all well aware of our responsibilities to our neighbors.

This is a diverse community comprised of residents from a broad spectrum of ages, life stages, and backgrounds. Some long-term residents in this community have lived in their homes for more than forty years.

Some of our neighbors are raising their families in this community; others have chosen to retire here.

We all live in close proximity to one another, which requires us to be considerate of one another.

Importance of Being a Good Neighbor

Whether you live on campus in a residence hall, in University Park North or South, in Parkmerced, or in another neighboring community, your actions reflect on the University community as a whole. Our students are our ambassadors to the community and SF State is committed to being recognized as a good neighbor.

While most SF State students are respectful of our neighbors, there are instances when parties get out of control, neighbors are awakened in the middle of the night, and the peace of the neighborhood is disturbed.

The University hopes to make such instances rare occurrences by encouraging our students to be responsible and courteous members of the community. When disturbances do occur, they will be treated seriously. Pursuant to State law, the University will respond accordingly.

I was issued a Warning Card, what happens next?

Title V of the California Education Code includes the Student Code of Conduct, which regulates student conduct.

The Code of Conduct is available in the University Bulletin, in the New Student Handbook, and on the University’s website.

Review the Code of Conduct page.

Whether you're on campus, spending time in Parkmerced or another neighboring community, you are responsible for following the Student Code of Conduct. If the San Francisco State University Police department or SFPD issues you a Warning Card, you will receive a follow-up email letter from the Office of Student Conduct regarding the incident. The Warning Card and the subsequent letter from the OSC are considered an Administrative Warning. Any subsequent violations during the academic year will require you to meet with the Office of Student Conduct for alleged violations of the Code of Student Conduct. You will be sent an appointment via your SF State email regarding that meeting. However, please keep in mind that egregious first-time violations may bypass the Administrative Warning process and require you to meet with the Office of Student Conduct.

Other Laws

Aside from the Code of Conduct, participating in or hosting disruptive parties, serving alcohol to minors, and disturbing the peace violate other laws as well. San Francisco’s Municipal Ordinances make it unlawful for anyone to consume alcohol on streets or in public view, urinate in public, or disturb the peace.

Under State law it’s also illegal to serve alcohol to a minor, to engage in disorderly conduct while intoxicated, to disturb the peace, or to be a minor in possession of alcohol.

Violations of these laws can lead to stiff monetary fines, community service sentences, drivers’ license suspensions, and in some instances, even jail time.

Law Enforcement & Public Safety

Both the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) and the San Francisco State University Police (UPD) patrol and respond to calls from Parkmerced and other neighboring communities. The two agencies work closely with one another to address community concerns.

Being a Good Neighbor

Remember that you live in a community made up of people keeping very different schedules. Your neighbors might be trying to sleep. If you plan on having some friends over to visit, do so responsibly:

Limit your invitation list to a size that you can control.

Inform your neighbors that you will be hosting a gathering. Tell them to contact you if any concerns arise during your party.

Promise your neighbors that your party will end at a reasonable hour and keep your promise.

When the party is over, remind your guests to leave your home quietly, so as to not disturb your neighbors. Also be sure to clean up the area surrounding your unit if your guests have left trash on the lawn.

You are responsible for your guests' conduct.